Prayers can work wonders on patients : Dr. V. K. Nigam

Prayers can work wonders where medicines fail, says eminent Dr. V. K. Nigam. According to him, prayers have healing power and it is scientifically proven.

“What I say is not a belief but a well-proven scientific fact which is vouched by the likes of Dr Harold G Koeing (associate professor at Duke University Medical Center). Several Indian doctors also endorsed my views,” said Nigam who has also penned a book, which gives scientific evidences of ‘healing by prayers’.

In the book, 40 Minutes with God, he chronicles his professional experiences spanning two decades in 80s and 90s as chief surgeon at a hospital in Adan, Yemen during the civil war when most of the patients were emergency cases.

“In that situation, we had no choice but to pray for the survival of patients. Much to my delight, the mortality rate dipped after the prayers. It strengthened my conviction that prayers do work,” he said.

It was not his weakness which made him rely on the prayers. Staying in Yemen when most of the doctors, including locals, had run away for their own safety was enough to clarify his endurance.

“Scientific research has proved beyond doubt that the patients who pray for their healing normally don’t develop any post-surgical complications and those who are anxious normally take longer to recuperate,” said the veteran who proved his clinical mettle by inventing the techniques of window operation of hydrocoel and NRCH for inguinal hernia. Nigam has quoted eminent doctors from India and abroad who have given their comments like Prayers Ensure Longevity (By Larry Dossey) and even Cancer Can be Healed When Everything is Left to God (by Bermie Begal).

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