Corporate Wellness

Corporate Health & Wellness Programs & Solutions

Bonaventure India Private Limited is committed to providing high-touch health & wellness programs with an emphasis on health education and behavior change. We put our clients first in everything we do. This philosophy means that we strive to understand each client’s particular population health management needs, designing our products and services to precisely meet their requirements.  We take pride in delivering our services in a caring and efficient manner.

Our Health Wellness Programs often begin with a Health Risk Assessment (HRA) and health screening event, followed up with state of the art analysis and reporting of the results. A comprehensive wellness program continues with programming that engages employees in healthy behavior resulting in lasting lifestyle changes, and a return on investment for the employer.

Services include:

  • Health Risk Assessments (HRA)
  • Comprehensive Wellness Programs
  • Health Coaching
  • Flu Shots and Immunizations
  • Health Fairs
  • Plant Assessments
  • Gym Management
  • Stress Audit
  • On-site / Off Site Stress Management
  • On-site / Off Site Health checkups & Health talks
  • On-site / Off Site office ergonomic workshops
  • Quit Tobacco and Smoking Program
  • Alcohol Dependency Management Program
  • Wellness Challenges