Publicly funded government hospitals provide basic care only, and often lack adequate infrastructure. Government hospitals are often understaffed, which is why a family member usually attends to the patient during the hospitalization.

Though the cost of care is less at these government hospitals, but the standard is lower compared to private hospitals.

Most locals and expats prefer to use the services of private hospitals and clinics. These offer a high standard of care that is at the same level as global countries. Private hospitals are modern and well equipped, and the doctors are highly qualified and often trained abroad. But the cost of medical care is extremely expensive compared to government hospitals.

Health insurance provides important financial protection in case you have a serious accident or sickness. There is no universal health care system in India. Health insurance is available for hospitalisation and emergency medical costs only. Consultations and medical procedures are paid for in cash. There are many private companies and banks offering health insurance packages covering hospitalisation. Non-conventional treatments (Like: OPD consultation & medicines, Cosmetic surgeries, Dental treatments, Some pre-planned surgeries, Ayurveda – a traditional Indian medical system) are not covered by these policies.

That’s why Bonaventure India Private Limited Introduced Family Health Edge Card with a mission to make quality healthcare more affordable in India. We believe that health care is a basic human right. However, considering the need to provide quality health care across the nation, Family Health Edge has come together with an assortment to build the wide network of high quality medical professionals in India with the aim to make healthcare accessible and more affordable to the general population of India. This card is specially designed to meet medical, wellness & lifestyle requirements and provide best experience to customers. This card empowers customer to avail high quality medical/Healthcare treatment at affordable charges and gets quality health care services at discounted rate at our network Partners.

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